Agrilectric Power

An example of a business that has quietly and steadily used biomass to residue to produce energy is Agrilectric Power. The company is located near Lake Charles, Louisiana and is a subsidiary of The Powell Group, headquartered in Baton Rouge, LA.

More than two decades ago, The Powell Group realized the need to use the hulls removed from rice during milling at their Farmers Rice Mill. Agrilectric is world-known for being the first to design and build a commercially operated rice hull-fired power plant of this kind. It has successfully produced energy and quality rice hull ash since 1984 with an in-service rate of over 94 percent. The 13-megawatt plan consumes about 300 tons of rice hulls every day. By burning rice hulls, Agrilectric has taken an environmental liability, and turned it into an asset.

Agrilectric provides all the power needed to run the adjacent rice mill and the plant itself with the excess (approximately 84%) being sold to the local power company.

Agrilectric Power Partners
Subsidiary of The Powel Group
Located near Lake Charles, LA

Phone: (225)922-4662
Contact: Thomas Spies

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