Avista is a 120-year-old company that generates, transmits and distributes energy while providing innovative energy solutions to residential, commercial and industrial customers. Avista Utilities is our operating division that provides service to 355,000 electric and 315,000 natural gas customers in eastern Washington, northern Idaho and parts of Oregon.

The Avista service territory encompasses some 30,000 square miles with a population of 1.6 million people. The utility generates electricity from a mix of hydroelectric, natural gas, coal, wood waste and other resources. Avista owns more than 2,600 miles of transmission lines and over 18,000 miles of distribution lines.

Avista is among the lowest carbon emitting investor owned utilities in the nation and has been nationally recognized for environmental stewardship. Sustainable and renewable energy have always been at the core of Avista’s operations. The company was founded on clean hydropower that still produces more than half our energy needs.

Our Kettle Falls wood waste generating station was the first power plant of its kind when it was built in 1983. The plant has a generating capacity of 53 megawatts of electricity.

In 2007 Avista opened the Clean Energy Test Site for developers of alternative energy technology. The facility offers a test bed for utility scale renewables and it is the only facility of its kind in the Northwest.

Our award winning website www.everylittlebit.com offers a variety of information and assistance for customers seeking to reduce energy usage.

1411 E. Mission Ave.
Spokane, Washington

Phone: 509-489-0500

Website: www.avistautilities.com

The Biomass Power Association is the nation’s leading organization working to increase the use of clean, renewable biomass power and create new jobs and opportunities in the biomass industry.