The California Biomass Energy Alliance

The California Biomass Energy Alliance (CBEA) is an association representing the owners and operators of the 33 solid-fuel biomass power plants in California, distributed across 19 counties, utilizing forestry, agricultural, and urban wood waste sectors. This represents a combined generating capacity of 600 MW reliable, baseload, renewable power that can be counted on and scheduled.

CBEA members provide environmental benefits through the elimination of open burning of agricultural and forest wastes; reduction of forest wildfire risks as a result of the removal of slash, deadfall, understory and non-merchantable trees; and diversion of wood waste from landfills. Biomass power is approximately 1½% of the overall power generated in the State, and 17½% of all the renewable power. California’s biomass power industry represents over $2.5 billion in investment, largely in rural areas, and provides needed jobs at the plants and in the fuel supply infrastructure. Biomass is key to California’s growing green economy.

The Biomass Power Association is the nation's leading organization working to increase the use of clean, renewable biomass power and create new jobs and opportunities in the biomass industry.

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