SUEZ Renewable Energy NA

SUEZ Renewable Energy NA (SRENA) is the business unit of SUEZ Energy responsible for the management and growth of SUEZ’s renewable activities in North America, including wind, biomass, hydro, and solar energy.

SUEZ’s acquisition of Canadian wind developer Ventus Energy Inc. in late 2007 helped launch the new business unit to further focus on growing the company’s renewables portfolio, which also already includes significant biomass, biogas and hydro assets.

North American existing holdings and growth strategies in the sustainable development arena mirror the business model of SUEZ, a longtime global leader in using renewable energy sources to bring power to local communities. Nearly 40 percent of all of SUEZ’s electric generation capacity produces no carbon dioxide emissions, and another 40 percent produces very little.

Operations and Development
Ventus, incorporated in 2003, brings to SUEZ a portfolio of 25 wind energy development projects in six provinces in eastern Canada, including Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador. The portfolio is believed to be one of the largest portfolios of potential wind energy projects in Canada and includes close to 2,000 MW of electricity generation in various stages of development.

Through Ventus, SUEZ Energy has secured land rights to more than 17 million acres of land for construction of its projects and has 29 MW commissioned and operating at the Norway Wind Park and West Cape Wind Energy Inc. facilities in Prince Edward Island. The company also has another 80 MW under construction at the West Cape facility and has received a further 99 MW of Power Purchase Agreements under the Ontario Power Authority’s Renewable Energy Standard Offer Contract Program, for which facility construction will commence soon.

In addition to its interests in wind, SUEZ Energy is North America’s third largest player in the biomass market segment of generating electricity from wood chips at seven plants in Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Vermont, and one biogas plant in Colorado. The company also operates a hydro power plant in Vermont. These biomass, biogas and hydro assets represent 137 MW. Also, five biopower generation facilities in North Carolina and Alabama use biomass and biogas resources to generate the steam and represent another 542,000 PPH or the equivalent of 54.2 MW.

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