Wheelabrator is one of northern California’s most modern, independent wood-fired power plants. The facility has a generating capacity of 58 MW and processes 750,000 tons of mill waste and forest residues from Shasta County and surrounding areas. Un-merchantable waste wood from Shasta-Trinity and Lassen National Forests, as well as from private lands, are selectively removed and processed in the plant to improve remaining standing timber.

The facility’s community Wood Waste Recycling Program encourages local residents to bring waste materials that can be used for fuel – such as tree tops, limbs, woody yard waste, pallets and crates, logging slash and clean scrap lumber, plywood and particle board – to the facility anytime during working hours.

The plant produces over 375 million kWh of electricity per year for sale to a local utility. The plant design includes three independent wood-burning units, comprised of state-of-the-art wood-fired traveling grate furnaces with utility-type high pressure boilers. The highly automated woodyard design includes capabilities to accept mill wastes, chips, and un-merchantable whole logs (culls) up to six feet in diameter that are chipped on site for fuel. The plant design also includes modern air quality control units, condensing turbines, and multi-cell wet cooling towers.

The facility incorporates some of the latest emissions control features, including staged overfire air in specially shaped furnaces, a selective non-catalytic reduction system for control of ozone-forming nitrogen oxides, and a zero water discharge system by use of staged cooling towers.

20811 Industry Rd.
Anderson, CA 960070

Website: www.wheelabratortechnologies.com

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